Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Older Brother's Influence...

Ever wonder what makes you like a trend?  Growing up in a Mexican family we were always told "Solamente cholos y gente que va a la carcel tienen tatuajes", meaning "Only gangsters and people who've been to jail have tattoos", so I never really thought then that I'd have as many as I do now, which are six.
My first expierence with tattoos was when I was 11 years old and my older brother Jesse, 18 at the time, mentioned to me that he wanted one. Me being the little sister who always wanted to fit in suggested we go right away and I mentioned a tattoo shop near by (At this time, my mom was working in down town Los Angeles so we ended up at a sketchy tattoo shop of course). My brother got the Cesar Chavez eagle symbol on his upper arm, why? no idea, but he hid it from my parents until he was 21, they were furious. My dad made my brother act like he lived with a roommate and charged him rent plus half the amount for groceries, basically saying "You think you can do whatever you want? Not under my roof!" It didn't work, my eldest brother Tony then started to get tattooed and I soon followed.
My tattoo's and the meanings behind them vary. Yes, I've had regrets right after getting one but in the end, I love them all and wouldn't change a thing.

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