Monday, January 28, 2013

Sexy Hair January Conference

This passed weekend was Sexy Hair's annual January Conference, what exactly is that you might ask, it's the companies time to bring everyone together that works with and for the company to go over last years success and whats to come in 2013. Check out a few photo's from that day...

I was chosen to demonstrate a new product coming out this year

Cut Marc doing his thing; Avant Garde hair in just 4 minutes! check him out on instagram @cutmarc to see more of his amazing hair styles and work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sugarpill/ OCC Lip Tar

Today's makeup was all about trying out my new colors purchased at IMATS- yes its a little much for an office administrator but who cares, its make up and it washes off! I'm only 22 for a few more days, and I know these looks wont look good for long, so I'm milking this being young thing for as long as possible ;)

Growing up I was always given crap for how much makeup I wore- whether it was joking or not it would bother me, in my head I would think "why do they care?" and trust me till this day I still ask the same thing to myself. The only difference now is that I DONT care, its all about looking and feeling the way YOU want to, everyone has their own definition of whats "pretty"- find what makes you happy and be confident in your look. Its the small things that makes one stand out from the rest =)

Monday, January 21, 2013

IMATS 2013 Final Day

That's ME, looking extremely cheesy with a smile that didn't wear off all day long- that was before even entering the venue! lol.
Walking into the IMATS I felt overwhelmed, I wanted to run in so many different directions, Sugarpill, Lime Crime, Inglot, OCC, my head was spinning with excitement- to actually see these products in person with their beautiful packaging and bright pigmented shades, OMG I wanted it all!

The booth line for Sugarpill was CRAZY long, it didn't matter because we were at IMATS! getting discounts and opportunities to see things we only see on TV. 
Glenda (Sexy Hair PR) and I had a blast, we spent most of our time saying "omg, I follow her!" 

Special FX is what stood out to me the most, Face Off contestants from last season and this season were there also. The pic to the left is of last seasons contestant air brushing.
School's like M.U.D & MakeUp ForEver Academy were there show casing students work- which only makes me want to go to M.U.D even more =( but hey, who says I need school to learn, hopefully Face Off encourages people to post things on youtube, hint hint...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vanity Girl

For Christmas I received the one thing I've been drooling over for more than  a year, a Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror! I freaked when I heard that my brother and sister n law got it for me. My brother on Christmas day handed me the "Its been shipped" email and the biggest smile came over me, everyone then asked "what is it?" I then went on to explain to the rest of my family that its the final touch to my vanity, and Hell Yeah, I was right!
 I feel like Marilyn Monroe or Dita Von Teese when Im getting ready =) what better way to feel girly than to sit in front of this amazing lit up vanity mirror?
Also something else that has been in the works for a year and is finally complete is my directors (makeup) chair. It was given to me by my sister n law- Ill talk about her a lot FYI her name is Ariadna- She handed it down to me when I was 16 and she purchased a new one. I get lucky with her AMAZING hand-me downs, girl has taste!
But like I said before- I want everything in my house to look like its mine, so I had my oldest brother pin stripe it for me while my aunt made the seat covers (Idk how to sew-nxt on my list to learn)- and this is how it came out;
Black w/ pink and gold pinstripes. Reads "Feet Here"
Detailing you cant see in the pic- my initials are under the arm rest-only visible when not put together. 
Next to my vanity I made a table using the stand to the vanity girl mirror- didn't need it since I mounted the mirror- on it you can find my favorite products that I use daily. Such as my MAC's foundation, setting spray, moisturizer &eye remover. Also seen is MAKEUP FOREVER's violet primer- great for rosacea or if you have a lot of redness. Lastly SEXY HAIR products! if you haven't tried their hairspray, you MUST run out and get it! by far the best at keeping my hair teased and in place- not just saying that because I work for the company, I was a user since high school.
Peek inside my vanity drawer

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A few weeks late, but how was your New Years?
Sexy Hair Fam Bam Pic
I spent my New Years Eve at home with a few friends- you know nothing crazy, very chill and relaxed, just the usual------------------------------->
haha JK- everyone was asked to wear a wig or a hat, why you ask? well, why not? Figured it would be just another night hanging out drinking if I didn't include some silliness... Plus it give us girls another excuse to get to dress up however we'd like.

Things I did to prepare for the party; shop! I went all out at the 99 cent store getting anything glittery or made of tinsel- stocked up on Christmas lights for the back patio and photo backdrop, lastly hit up Party City (World) whatever it's called these days.

Tons of photos were taken and everything came out looking better than I could have imagined. First time hosting a party at my place SECEDED! enjoy some of the nights pics.