Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Color Change Needed, ASAP!

So I feel like I've had this green/blue hair forever now and its because I have! It's been almost a year now, usually I change it more often, but this pravana green hair color just isn't coming out! Or it could be the fact that I kept recoloring my hair every time I showered. (I would mix Adore- Aquamarine hair color in my conditioner to keep my hair color vibrate and to make it appear turquoise) 
I've gotten my extensions by Patric taken out recently and I feel completely bald, my head feels light plus its shoulder length so its never in the way, I totally miss it, it's taking some getting used to but it must be done. My goal for 2015 is to grow out my hair and get it as healthy as possible while not being plain Jane. So I've been looking up inspirational photos for over a month now and I'm going slivery/grey and maybe leaving in some blue at the tips. As for my dark    roots, I am still debating whether or not I should leave them, or start fresh and have the ombre effect come in later. As for doing this the healthiest way, my stylist Marc  will be using Opalex instead of using regular old bleach to lighten me up and remove the color. 
(Links above are to the awesome guys who take care of my hair; Marc and Patric)

Older Brother's Influence...

Ever wonder what makes you like a trend?  Growing up in a Mexican family we were always told "Solamente cholos y gente que va a la carcel tienen tatuajes", meaning "Only gangsters and people who've been to jail have tattoos", so I never really thought then that I'd have as many as I do now, which are six.
My first expierence with tattoos was when I was 11 years old and my older brother Jesse, 18 at the time, mentioned to me that he wanted one. Me being the little sister who always wanted to fit in suggested we go right away and I mentioned a tattoo shop near by (At this time, my mom was working in down town Los Angeles so we ended up at a sketchy tattoo shop of course). My brother got the Cesar Chavez eagle symbol on his upper arm, why? no idea, but he hid it from my parents until he was 21, they were furious. My dad made my brother act like he lived with a roommate and charged him rent plus half the amount for groceries, basically saying "You think you can do whatever you want? Not under my roof!" It didn't work, my eldest brother Tony then started to get tattooed and I soon followed.
My tattoo's and the meanings behind them vary. Yes, I've had regrets right after getting one but in the end, I love them all and wouldn't change a thing.

What Do I Really Do at LC?

Unless you've seen my LinkedIn you're probably wondering what the heck I do at Lime Crime, right? Well my job title is: Customer Service Rep but I do more than just answer customers emails, I also assist with social media outreach and help other departments as needed. (Great way to learn, I'm loving it!)
Answering customers emails include anything from editing addresses and orders to answering "what shade is best for my skin tone?" to "where is my order?" or "what's my tracking number?",  you name it. Any question that has ever crossed your mind about an online order, I've heard it or will soon... The best way to answer customers, I think, is to speak to them like you would want to be spoken to; be upfront and honest, such as to why an order might be taking long to ship, etc.
Social media outreach so far has been my favorite thing to do. It can be more hands on at times and allows me to find new inspiring makeup girls to send product to.  What we do, Doe (creator and CEO), Sasha (creative art director) and I, is find girls on Instagram and email screenshots to each other on an email chain of the girls we think fits our brand image. We then narrow it down to the girls Doe approves and I then contact them in hopes to make a connection and send them products.
What this also means is that I must keep an updated excel sheet on all the girls current information along with keeping track of the products I've sent them. When time allows, I also go as far as to go their IG accounts to see if they are posting about our products and if not, I will take note of it for future product release shipments.
Helping out other departments can mean anything from shipping out packages and taking them to the post office to going to makeup stores and gathering competitive research (another fun thing to do).
Overall I love the company, job position, office environment and most of all, my coworkers. I can't wait to graduate school and be able to work full time versus the 3 days I am currently working because of my school schedule, but school is almost done- Just 2 more quarters :)
                                                                       My Desk

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Venus Review

Love, Love, Love the Venus eye shadow palette which is only $42 , and I'm not just saying this because I work for Lime Crime, pinky promise ;)
This palette is unlike other neutral eye shadow palettes, its 8 shades are inspired by the 90's grunge era which include rusty reds and browns. I've had the palette now for over a month, lucky right?! (one of my favorite perks of working here) and can't live without it already! These shadows are high pigmented and look beautiful when match with Salem or Black Velvet
Doe along with the rest of the team, nailed this product! Not only is its pleasing to the eye with its presentation but with its shades as well. Coming out with new "new-trals" is what was set out to do and was accomplished. Doe's way of exciting the fans about this new product was to reveal a new shade every day, such a great idea, the product sold out within just 3 days!
Wearing: Venus, Divine, Muse & Aura
"Mash Botticelli's classical painting with the rebellion of the early 90's, and you get VENUS: The Grunge Palette."
Shade Descriptions:

VENUS: The color of bruised fruit (velvet matte)
SHELL: Opalescent shell-pink (glow)
AURA: Golden ivory (glow)
CREATION: Rust brown (matte)
ICON: Dirt brown (matte)
REBIRTH: The color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte)
DIVINE: Dusty stone (matte)
MUSE: Deep burgundy red (matte)

Valfre Halloween Costume Inspiration

"The last time I cared was... NEVER"

Office Costume:

This Halloween I decided to dress up as one of Valfre's illustration's because I totally relate to them and it gave me an excuse to put stars on my face ;)  
My outfit consisted of things in my closet, such as a short black baby doll dress with white hearts and a fluffy hot pink vest. The vest was originally waist length but I cut it last minute to be 4 inches above the belly button.  
I curled my hair and wore a floral crown I made last year for Dia De Los Muertos to complete my look. 

Makeup Used:

Pumpkin my boyfriend carved for me to take to work of the Lime Crime Twonicorn logo

About The Artist: Ilse Valfre
"Ilse Valfré, the founder of Valfré, is a Mexican-born artist and designer.  Her quirky and insightful illustrations uniquely capture the essence of what it feels like to be a girl. She finds inspiration in the magic of everyday life, girlfriends,comic books and whimsical stories her father used to tell her. With her combination of relatable sweet-cliche, and the agony of life, peppered with touches of humor and satire, Valfré is simply all about self-expression. "

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mermaid Gypsy

I've loved mermaids since a child. Guess that explains my fascination with blue/teal hair.
Here are the pinterest pics that inspired my change in hair color. 
Hope you like the outcome, if not its cool, because I LOVE IT! <3

Monday, June 3, 2013

GenBeauty 2013

Sexy Hair had a booth at GenBeauty this passed weekend-
I had So much fun meeting girls with similar interest, I actually had stuff to talk about for once! lol
I also had the pleasure of meeting Doe Deere from Lime Crime and Amy from Sugarpill. Both were sweet and left with product to try out ;)
I dont know if I say this enough but I LOVE my job! I've had so many opportunities and things are only going to get better, positive thinking & fingers crossed!

Sexy Hair booth
Where attendees could get their hair styled for free
Saturday's Stage hair
Loved this chair! had to stop by the Anastasia Brow booth
to take a quick pic.
Spotted Doe Deere and had to take a pic- she's
just as beautiful in person <3 her!
Sugarpill's Amy! She's so cute and I was rocking
her goldilux pigment that day ;)
now this was a cool event full of freebies!
Pallets are NYX