Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Looks

Makeup Looks of 2012
I tend to get bored of my look fast, here are a few pics of the different small changes I made throughout the year...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chrismukkah Tree

We Got A Tree!!
 Sunday morning we took a stroll to our local flower shop to purchase a tree, luckily missing the rain. This is Danny's first tree EVER! so we started off small and will be planting it in the back patio after the holidays.


Apartment Building on my street
On the walk back home I stopped to take a pic of the words I see everyday. How freaking cute is that?!?! Just another reason to love where I live =)     

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Circus Couture 2012

This year had to of been my most eventful. I participated in doing makeup for Circus Couture (Circus Couture is a Performance, Fashion, and Art Event to benefit St. Baldrick’s and The Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases of Las Vegas.) This was by far the most exciting, nerve wrecking and anxiety ridden I've EVER been. But I'm glad I got to participate and help raise money for a good cause =)
Plus who doesn't want an excuse to visit Vegas, right?

Waiting for my ride to the event was probably the most nerves I could have felt- talk about nausea and butterflies in my tummy...
Once seeing the AMAZING area we had to work in, things seemed to get better, meeting other MUA and comparing products had to be the highlight of my weekend, I had never been around so many people who have common interest and are in the same position as me- it was nice hearing that I wasn't the only one nerves, guess it happens to the best of us....
MAKEUP done by me:

These handsome men amazed me beyond belief. Talk about 2 guys who can work well together- they are truly very talented trapeze artist.

Their make up was simple contouring.

Jenyne Butterfly was given a fairy look- to help achieve that I used gold leaf which is more visible from stage than glitter.

Jenyne's performance was the highlight of the show for me. Her poll dancing skills were CRAZY! which explains those thigh muscles and perfectly toned bod.    

Pic's before applying lipstick

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend 2012

Thanksgiving weekend went a little like this...
The bf and I are always running around come the holiday's but this year didn't seem as exhausting; maybe the 4 day weekend?  Thursday was spent at the Larios Ranch (my bf's uncle's house)- I've visited a few times before but this was the first time I went down to meet the little farm animals.
This little guy stole my heart- he's a little pygmy goat- there were about 4 of these...
 Homer the Burro

Later that same day we visited our nearby dog park
Must say it's the view that gets us coming back here; plus Ruca loves it and making new friends.
On the way home we saw these two deer hanging out in someone front yard. We thought they were fake haha!
That same night we went to LACMA to take a few pics...
(We were trying to stay out of the house- we dont usually do this much in one day lol)

LACMA is located on Wilshire Blvd for those of you who have never been. Outside the entrance is Chris Burden's Urban Light, an olderly, multi-tiered installation of 202 antique cast-iron street lights from various cities in and around the LA area. And don't worry, they are solar powered ;) 

Lastly to end the holiday weekend we drove to Clovis to visit my mom. 
That's a long 3 hour boring drive from LA, I've driven it WAY too many times...
Those are my two older brothers to the right of me, my mom is in the blue coat in the back and the rest of the guest are my mom's husbands family members...
After the long weekend the last thing I want to do is work, but we gotta have some boring days to make the others much greater, I think. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This past weekend I purchased a camera and love it!

I made sure to take it with me on drives and dog walks. I'm going for only having pictures in my house taken by either me or a friend- I have a thing for not wanting to have what others do; I like originality. I'd like people to walk into my home and say "Yup, this is Natalie's place." 

Here are a few pics I took this past Sunday.

 First Bob's Big Boy
(Car show every Friday night)
WB Studios
 Meet Ruca
Local Flower Shop
(BF & dog in the pic)

More pics of the daily things I see to come...