Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Color Change Needed, ASAP!

So I feel like I've had this green/blue hair forever now and its because I have! It's been almost a year now, usually I change it more often, but this pravana green hair color just isn't coming out! Or it could be the fact that I kept recoloring my hair every time I showered. (I would mix Adore- Aquamarine hair color in my conditioner to keep my hair color vibrate and to make it appear turquoise) 
I've gotten my extensions by Patric taken out recently and I feel completely bald, my head feels light plus its shoulder length so its never in the way, I totally miss it, it's taking some getting used to but it must be done. My goal for 2015 is to grow out my hair and get it as healthy as possible while not being plain Jane. So I've been looking up inspirational photos for over a month now and I'm going slivery/grey and maybe leaving in some blue at the tips. As for my dark    roots, I am still debating whether or not I should leave them, or start fresh and have the ombre effect come in later. As for doing this the healthiest way, my stylist Marc  will be using Opalex instead of using regular old bleach to lighten me up and remove the color. 
(Links above are to the awesome guys who take care of my hair; Marc and Patric)

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