Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gracie Awards 2013

My experience at The Gracie Awards yesterday went a little like this....
Some of the Corp girls and I working the booth and showing the atendees our fab line.
Sexy Hair was one of the sponsors and everyone who attended
went home with a bag full of product :)
Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars
Going to be honest- I have NO idea who she is BUT
I give her BEST DRESSED!
She looks her age and that mix and match, LOVE!!!
I wasnt big on the cut out of the dress, but it grew on me.
And those heels, WANT! She looked amazing and I loved
her down to earth personality.

Amy Poehler
Must say her acceptance speech was hilarious!
Of course I took pics of the food! hahaha
Look how pretty my salad was! I didnt even know
where to start.

The main dish was delish.
Steak was way bloodier than I'd usually like
but it was good, the gravy helped me not look
at the redness of the meat. lol

Sexy Hair Vice President Jennifer Parks
giving Guiliana Rancic The Sexy Hair
Caring is Sexy Award

 Guiliana's Acceptance speech-
<3 her bob cut!

I cant say how appreciative I am of being able to attend this event. Being in a room full of strong, hard working women who have done so much and are being recognized was quit the experience. Reporters and documentary journalist who risk their lives to cover stories and get their messages across were so inspiring. Its crazy to think how small of a role women have had in the past and in some parts of the world still do. I was touched by the terrifying stories some of them had gone through and it makes me think how similar all women can be no matter what part of the world they are from.

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  1. I loved Lucy Hale's entire look- the bronze edgy dress with the neon pink pearlescent strappies was perfection! I wouldn't have imagined those colors together but I loved the look:)
    The whole night was so inspirational and I felt so empowered afterwords!