Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FIDM Interview

My FIDM Interview is today!
Im a bit nervous, but only because I dont know what to expect.
The admissions process is a bit of work but once I got started I found myself getting more excited about school :)
Here's what I had to do (Every major has a different project)

Major- Beauty Industry Merchandise and Marketing
Imagine you are a Product Representative for a well-known cosmetic company and your job is to develop and launch a new cosmetic or fragrance. 
Describe the average customer for whom you are developing the product. Include the following information:
• Age range
• Gender
• Environment (urban, suburban, country, etc.)
• Income range
• Lifestyle (job, leisure activities, family lives, etc.)
• Values and viewpoints
• Marital status
• Education
Describe the characteristics of the product and the packaging and WHY it will appeal to your customer. Include the following information:
• Name of the Company
• Function of the product
• Color
• Size
• Shape
• Price point
Important Notes
Use 8.5" x 11" paper and any medium you feel comfortable with, including colored pencils, felt tip pens, watercolors, etc. (but no pastels, chalk, or charcoal). 
Be prepared to discuss the types of customers targeted and the types of merchandise shown in your project. 
Your work will be reviewed for creativity and quality of presentation. Remember, a neat presentation is always advantageous.

Along with the project I had to write a 2 page essay and get 3 letters of recommendation. 
Now I just have to present it to an admissions counselor and fingers crossed that I get accepted! 

My Project
I decided to do both parts on an 8.5 x 11 sheet
My product was Gold Leaf and a new way of applying it.
 3 letters of recommendation

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