Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sugarpill/ OCC Lip Tar

Today's makeup was all about trying out my new colors purchased at IMATS- yes its a little much for an office administrator but who cares, its make up and it washes off! I'm only 22 for a few more days, and I know these looks wont look good for long, so I'm milking this being young thing for as long as possible ;)

Growing up I was always given crap for how much makeup I wore- whether it was joking or not it would bother me, in my head I would think "why do they care?" and trust me till this day I still ask the same thing to myself. The only difference now is that I DONT care, its all about looking and feeling the way YOU want to, everyone has their own definition of whats "pretty"- find what makes you happy and be confident in your look. Its the small things that makes one stand out from the rest =)

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