Sunday, January 13, 2013

A few weeks late, but how was your New Years?
Sexy Hair Fam Bam Pic
I spent my New Years Eve at home with a few friends- you know nothing crazy, very chill and relaxed, just the usual------------------------------->
haha JK- everyone was asked to wear a wig or a hat, why you ask? well, why not? Figured it would be just another night hanging out drinking if I didn't include some silliness... Plus it give us girls another excuse to get to dress up however we'd like.

Things I did to prepare for the party; shop! I went all out at the 99 cent store getting anything glittery or made of tinsel- stocked up on Christmas lights for the back patio and photo backdrop, lastly hit up Party City (World) whatever it's called these days.

Tons of photos were taken and everything came out looking better than I could have imagined. First time hosting a party at my place SECEDED! enjoy some of the nights pics.


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