Monday, February 11, 2013

Queen of Burlesque

Dita Von Teese will be performing all week at the Hollywood House of Blues and guess who is going?!?! Yup that's right, the boyfriend and I will be going on Valentines Day- we got a table with my brother and sister in law,eek!
This gorgeous lady just turned 40 btw! See what having no children and taking care of yourself does- her bod is A-MAZ-ING! 

Dita is best known for her burlesque routines and began performing burlesque in 1992. Her long, elaborate dance shows with props and characters are often inspired by 1930's and 1940's musicals and films. Her signature show features a giant martini glass and  her feather fan dance, inspired by burlesque dancer Sally Rand.

Dita achieved some level of recognition in the fetish world as a tightlacer. Through the wearing of a corset for many years, she had reduced her waistline to 22 inches, and can be laced down as far as 16.5 inches. Dita stands at 5 ft  and weighs 114 pounds!

Youtube clip:

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