Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend 2012

Thanksgiving weekend went a little like this...
The bf and I are always running around come the holiday's but this year didn't seem as exhausting; maybe the 4 day weekend?  Thursday was spent at the Larios Ranch (my bf's uncle's house)- I've visited a few times before but this was the first time I went down to meet the little farm animals.
This little guy stole my heart- he's a little pygmy goat- there were about 4 of these...
 Homer the Burro

Later that same day we visited our nearby dog park
Must say it's the view that gets us coming back here; plus Ruca loves it and making new friends.
On the way home we saw these two deer hanging out in someone front yard. We thought they were fake haha!
That same night we went to LACMA to take a few pics...
(We were trying to stay out of the house- we dont usually do this much in one day lol)

LACMA is located on Wilshire Blvd for those of you who have never been. Outside the entrance is Chris Burden's Urban Light, an olderly, multi-tiered installation of 202 antique cast-iron street lights from various cities in and around the LA area. And don't worry, they are solar powered ;) 

Lastly to end the holiday weekend we drove to Clovis to visit my mom. 
That's a long 3 hour boring drive from LA, I've driven it WAY too many times...
Those are my two older brothers to the right of me, my mom is in the blue coat in the back and the rest of the guest are my mom's husbands family members...
After the long weekend the last thing I want to do is work, but we gotta have some boring days to make the others much greater, I think. 

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